Imperial Industries vacuum tanks lend a hand in Iowa pipeline clean-up

January 27, 2017

No one wants to rush into a situation like a pipeline leak and the resulting clean-up, but the only thing worse than needing to rush into that situation is rushing in with anything less than the most reliable equipment you can find. So Imperial is proud to be a part of the effort. 

This story from NPR has the details:







An underground pipeline that runs through multiple Midwestern states has leaked an estimated 138,000 gallons of diesel fuel, according to the company that owns it, Magellan Midstream Partners.

 “The product is under pressure, so as soon as a leak develops, it starts coming out pretty fast,”[Jeff] Vansteenburg [of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources] said at a Wednesday evening news conference. “Vacuum trucks are sucking up as much liquid as they can and taking that down to Magellan’s terminal. … Once they’ve recovered all the free product that they can then they will go in and remove contaminated soil.”

 Vansteenburg said the diesel had not reached nearby Willow Creek or a wildlife protection area.

Those vacuum trucks he mentioned are made by Imperial. Our vacuum tanks, trailers and slide-in units have been manufactured to the highest standards, for more than 35 years, in our expanding facility in Central Wisconsin. We work hard to make sure we deliver the best because we know our customers do the same.

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