Powder and Bulk Engineering Magazine cover features Imperial Industries

December 1, 2017

Powder and Bulk Engineering Magazine is a leading authority on bulk storage and for November’s issue, they looked to Imperial Industries’ silo as a feature image on the cover to portray the future of bulk solids storage success.

The issue also includes a bylined article by Imperial’s quality control manager Mandy Landwehr. Landwehr’s article “How should I evaluate whether to repair or replace my storage vessel?,” provides advice on what to look for to determine whether a professional inspection of your storage vessels is warranted.

Imperial offers a comprehensive analysis of storage vessels, including details of the inspection and recommendations for maintenance, repair or replacement. Imperial is fully staffed with qualified professionals including Structural Engineers and Inspectors certified through AWS, ASNT and NACE.

To learn more about Imperial Industries’ capabilities or to speak with an industrial engineering expert about your next project, contact us today.

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