Assessing the Condition of Your Storage Silo

October 21, 2020

Storage silos might not be top of mind in your operation, but they’re certainly a crucial piece to any successful bulk solids process that shouldn’t be forgotten. This article describes the importance of regularly inspecting your silos as well as what to look for during these inspections.

How often do you really notice your storage silos? If you work in operations and are present during filling or cycling, you might think about them every day. If you work in maintenance, you might think about your silos when there’s a problem or when working near them. Or, if you don’t work directly with your storage silos or see them every day, maybe they rarely cross your mind. Perhaps, they’ve been in place at your facility for so long that they blend into the industrial landscape as an important but sometimes forgotten element of your operation. Forgotten, that is until something happens to remind you of how critically important safe and efficient bulk storage truly is to your business. As businesses are highly customized and bulk storage needs are unique to the material being stored, each facility must assess what their bulk storage conditions are on a case-by-case basis.

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