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Chinese Tea
Kids -- 1706

Chinese Tea 中国茶



In China, tea is an important part of people’s lives. Chinese people like drinking tea at home, restaurants and teahouses(茶室).


At the very beginning, tea was used as medicine(药物) and then cooked with other foods as part of a healthy diet(饮食). During(在……期间) the Ming Dynasty(朝代), people began soaking(浸泡) tea-leaves with hot water.


The Origin(起源)


Chinese people believe that Shennong, the God of Agriculture(农业), was the first to discover(发现) tea. In the book Herbal Classic(《本草经》), it says that “Shennong tasted hundreds of herbs(药草) and he was hit by 72 poisons(毒药) in a day. But he used a certain(某一种) kind of tree leaf to cure(治愈) himself and it was the tea tree.” This book was written in the 1st century(世纪).


The Classic of Tea(《茶经》)


More than(超过) 1,200 years ago, China produced(产生) the world’s first work about tea—The Classic of Tea. The book was written by Lu Yu. It is said that Lu was born an orphan(孤儿) and was raised(养育) by a monk(和尚) in a temple(寺庙). And one of Lu’s jobs was to make tea for the monks.


One day, Lu made tea with water from a hidden(隐蔽的) spring(山泉) outside the temple. The master monk loved the tea very much. Then Lu became very interested in tea. At the age of 21, Lu decided(决定) to write a book about tea, so he began to travel all around the country. It took him more than 10 years to complete(完成) his travels. He then began to write his great book.






中国人相信,农业之神“神农”是最先发现茶的人。据《本草经》记载:“神农尝百草,日遇七十二毒,得而解之。” 《本草经》写于公元一世纪。









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