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The Value of a Copper Coin
Teens -- 1704



The Value of a Copper Coin






Mahatma Gandhi1, honored as “the father of India,” was a very special person.

Once, Gandhi was on an 1)expedition to collect 2)funds from various cities and villages for an organization to help the poor. He went to several places and finally reached Orissa2.

There, he gave a speech to the public, requesting them to give him funds for the organization. At the end of his speech, a very old woman with bent back, 3)tattered clothing, white hair, and 4)shrunken skin got up. She requested the volunteers to allow her to reach Gandhi. However, the volunteers stopped her. She did not give up, and kept trying to reach Gandhi.

She touched the feet of Gandhi. Then she took out a 5)copper coin kept in the folds of her 6)saree, and placed it at his feet. Then the old lady left.

Gandhi very carefully took the coin. He thought the copper coin was worth a lot. The coin might have been the only thing that the poor old woman 7)possessed. She did not even have 8)proper clothes and could not afford good food. Still, she gave him everything she had. That is why Gandhi regarded the coin as very precious.










1圣雄甘地(Mahatma Gandhi),现代印度的国父,也是提倡非暴力抵抗的现代政治学说——甘地主义的创始人。





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