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Greedy Boy
Teens -- 1703



Greedy Boy


by anonymous

翻译:栗子 吴雨奇




Sam and Tom were 1)identical twins. They were so identical that even their mother found it difficult to distinguish one from the other. But except for their looks, everything else about them was different.

Tom had no friends, while Sam was a great friendship maker. Sam loved sweets, but Tom loved 2)spicy food and hated sweets. Sam was 3)generous and selfless, Tom was 4)greedy and selfish!

As Sam and Tom grew up, their father wanted to share his 5)fortune 6)equally. However, Tom did not agree, and he argued that whoever proved to be more smart and strong would have to get a bigger 7)share of the wealth.

Sam agreed. Their father decided to 8)organize a competition between the two. He asked the two sons to walk as long as they could, and return home before sunset. The wealth would be 9)divided in proportion to the distance covered. As a rule of the competition, they were not allowed to carry a watch to keep track of the time.

The following day, Sam and Tom set out to walk. It was a 10)rather sunny day. Sam walked slowly and steadily, while Tom ran quickly as he aimed at winning the race and gained a greater portion of his father’s wealth.

Sam knew that it would be ideal to walk as far as possible till noon, and start for home at noon, as it would take the same amount of time to walk back home. Knowing this, Sam decided to turn back for home at noon so as to reach home on time.

However, Tom, with his greed to earn more wealth, did not attempt to return home even after mid-noon. He walked twice as long as Sam, and thought he would still be able to return home before sunset. Unfortunately, he could not even make it half way home as the sun started to set. Slowly dark was his path and he had to drag his tired feet back home.

He had lost the race. Only because of his greed.

Greed leads to loss.














distinguish from区别,辨别

except for 除了……

in proportion to与……成比例,根据……

keep track of 记录……

set out 开始,动身

aim at 以……为目的;致力于

a portion of 一份

so as to 为了……

attempt to 尝试,企图

make it 获得成功,走完(一段路程)





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