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The Secret Garden (Excerpts)
Teens -- 1710

霸道孤僻的小姑娘玛丽(Mary Lennox)的父母在霍乱中身亡,之后她住进了姨父那神秘阴沉的大房子里。一次神奇的经历使玛丽闯入了禁闭已久的荒芜花园。这座花园因玛丽的到来焕发了生机,而玛丽自己也在悄然改变……


The Secret Garden (Excerpts)


by Frances Hodgson Burnett




And the secret garden bloomed and bloomed and every morning revealed new miracles.



The sun shone down for nearly a week on the secret garden. The Secret Garden was what Mary called it when she was thinking of it. She liked the name, and she liked still more the feeling that when its beautiful old walls shut her in, no one knew where she was. It seemed almost like being shut out of the world in some 1)fairy place. The few books she had read and liked had been fairy-story books, and she had read of secret gardens in some of the stories. Sometimes people went to sleep in them for a hundred years, which she had thought must be rather stupid. She had no 2)intention of going to sleep, and, in fact, she was becoming wider-awake with every day that passed at Misselthwaite.

She was beginning to like to be out of doors; she no longer hated the wind, but enjoyed it. She could run faster, and longer, and she could 3)skip up to a hundred. The 4)bulbs in the secret garden must have been much 5)astonished. Such nice clear places were made round them that they had all the breathing space they wanted. And really, if 6)Mistress Mary had known it, they began to cheer up under the dark earth and work 7)tremendously. The sun could get at them and warm them, and when the rain came down it could reach them at once, so they began to feel very much alive.


将近一周以来,秘密花园里阳光普照。当玛丽想到这个地方时,她就把它叫做“秘密花园”。她喜欢这个名字,更享受花园那美丽而古老的围墙在她身后合上,没有人知道她身在何处的感觉。那感觉就像误入了仙境,已与尘世隔绝。她读过并且喜欢的书籍不多,都是一些童话故事书。 在某些故事里,她读到过关于秘密花园的描写。故事里偶尔会有人在秘密花园里沉睡了上百年,她认为这样的行为挺傻的。她可不想沉沉睡去,事实上,在米瑟斯韦特庄园里度过的每一天,她都越发精神。



注:米瑟斯韦特庄园(Misselthwaite Manor),玛丽的姨父克雷文勋爵(Archibald Craven)在苏格兰的庄园。




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