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Green Rooftops Are More than Just Gardens in the S
Youth -- 1704

Green Rooftops Are More than Just Gardens in the Sky



By Helen Palmer



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The windy port of Copenhagen is truly the greenest of “green” cities. 1)Beyond the busy harbour and the statue of The Little Mermaid, 2)massive 3)windmills in the ocean and Christianshavn 4)spin in the 5)brisk wind. A brand new bike path loops and 6)sweeps at 3rd floor level between banks and businesses to link the 7)inner harbour through a series of parks and gardens on the rooftops to the railway station. After all, it’s a city where just about everybody rides bicycles.

Green roofs have been 8)mandatory on suitable new buildings in Copenhagen since 2010.

Dorthe Rømø (Planning Consultant): We are aware of [sic] that we will have more 9)intensive rains and more rain in general, and due to that, we know that green roofs and green area can absorb, 10)infiltrate, 11)evaporate and 12)delay the rain water.

Reporter: Now we’re standing here, actually, on one of your green roofs.

Dorthe: Yeah. We are pretty close to the inner harbour, and we are in the middle of a green botanical 13)corridor. We are on the new Danish National 14)Archive, and the unique [sic] about this is that it’s one 15)amongst other green roofs that’s connected and accessible for the public to walk from one area in the city to another area in the city, and you can, in fact, also take a bicycle and cycle from one area to another area.

Reporter: So it’s basically like a system of parks, as it were, on top of roofs.

Dorthe: Exactly. And this green roof, which is one of my 16)favourite [sic] here in Copenhagen, is, it’s an 17)option for you to sit on benches surrounded with strawberry beds, which is designed to create silent gardens alongside the whole project.

Reporter: The rooftop of the National Archives is about the size of a football field, but it looks for all the world like a 18)meadow. It’s a system that’s been developed over years to work really well, and now the meadow and flower beds are 19)thriving.

Dorthe: It create [sic] the opportunity to create habitats to support a bio-diversity, butterflies and bees and birds and 20)invertebrates like that, but also diversity of plants.

It’s peaceful walking on the roof. In one corner, there’s a group of office workers having a barbeque. Further along, the 21)ramps that lead down to street level are a 22)magnet for local skateboarders.

And there are these 23)oases of green, not only on houses, hotels and city buildings, but also on parking 24)garages and even on bicycle and storage 28)sheds. Right at the harbour, the roof of a development of shops and cafés is covered with flower beds, benches and walkways, but no gutters because a three-foot-wide bed of 26)sedum along the edge takes up all the rain. And, in the end, maybe that’s the message: a green city with green roofs can 27)blunt some effects of global warming by 28)soaking up excess rain and sucking up excess carbon, and certainly by cheering up the people who live there and visit.



And, in the end, maybe that’s the message: a green city with green roofs can blunt some effects of global warming by soaking up excess rain and sucking up excess carbon, and certainly by cheering up the people who live there and visit.

       这个长句有三个动名词短语(soaking upsucking upcheering up),它们都是介词by的宾语,这三个介词结构在句中作状语。一连三个介词结构的使用很好地总结了全文,给读者留下一个深刻的印象。


















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